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Nancy Hanson and Kenzie Merritt
 Certified Massage Therapist

We strongly believe that it is important to provide massages in a quiet, relaxing, talk free environment in order to achieve the most optimal therapuetic massage.  Before each massage we will do a brief consultation to see what type of massage is desired and what problem areas we need to focus on.  Each massage is tailored to the client's needs and requests.  

 Both Kenzie and Nancy went into this field because we enjoy helping others and want them to feel pampered for the time they are in our spa.  Serenity Spa is client focused and we strive to accomodate each person's preference for the best massage experience possible.  Both of us are interested in health and wellness physically, spiritually and emotionally.  As our practice grows, we will be offering other services and information on how to obtain your healthiest YOU possible!

  Kenzie is Certified Massage Therapist and will be attending college in St. Cloud for business managment to enable her to build her massage therapy business.  She is a caring person who enjoys making people smile and feel good about themselves..  She loves working out and is interested in all areas of health and wellness.  Her enthusiam for health is passed on to her clients as she wants them to feel good both physically and emotionally.

  Kenzie's mother, Nancy, is also a Certified Massage Therapist.  Like her daughter, she loves to help people maintain their optimal level of happiness.  At Serenity Spa, we feel that it is important to be physcially fit, emotionally healthy and spiritually fullfilled and we will strive to pass information on, in these important areas, to our clients.  Nancy is also a Licensed Social Worker and is on the Leadership Team for Celebrate Freedom, which is a Christian based program to help people develop their relationship with others as well as their relationship with the Lord.   





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